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Shenzhen Century free Technology Co., Ltd, (called Century Free for short) established in 2008, was specialized in wireless data transferring technology and production of GPS Trackers, who located in the west of the opening costal city Shenzhen with developed economy where it is the researching base as well as business centre of the electronic products, and adjoined the G107 national high-express road and the

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        Talent is the capital of an enterprise, talent is the most precious wealth, century both doors open to all who are interested in car business.
         The company's standard of choose and employ persons is: have the innovation consciousness and the enterprising spirit.
         The company's competition mechanism is: almighty, form, the sucker.
         Company do our utmost to do it: people comfortable, a suitable person. Company not only leave a person through treatment, companies are more willing to through career advancement opportunities, recognition.

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